Use our Shed Builder to customize your made to order building!

The Shed Builder allows you to create a shed using style, size, doors, windows, exterior options, colors, flooring and interior options; and get an estimate for cost.

Shed Builder

Paint Colors

#1 Brown

#2 White

#3 Taupe

#4 Dark Gray

#5 Almond

#6 Green

#7 Tan

#8 Light Gray

#9 Red

#10 Black

#11 Old Clay

Custom Paint Color

Urethane Colors


Honey Gold




Vinyl Siding Colors

**Vinyl siding is not standard; Vinyl siding buildings cost more than standard LP Smart Side buildings. Please see each building page for pricing**

Premium vinyl colors cost and extra $200

White Birch    (standard color)

Warm Sandalwood (standard color)

Harbor Stone (standard color)

Classic Sand (premium color)

Sunny Maize (premium color)

Soft Willow    (premium color)

Pebble Clay   (premium color)

Artisan Clay  (premium color)

Slate Blue      (premium color)

Graphite Grey (premium color)

Metal Roof Colors

The 7 colors marked with stars are standard: Galvalume, Black, Charcoal, Green, Red, Brown, and Light Stone

*Non standard roof colors cost an extra $100*

Shingle Roof Colors

Shingles or Metal Roofs are now the same price!





2x3 Window

3x3 Window

3ft Fiberglass Slab Door

6ft Double Fiberglass Slab Door

Single Wood Door

Double Wood Doors

Solid Fiberglass Entry Door

9 Light Fiberglass Entry Door

7'x9 Overhead Door

10" Window in Door
$85 each

Electrical Package: 1-light switch, 1-light socket, 2-receptacles, and 100 amp breaker box. $180 *Additional switches, sockets or receptacles can be added for  $40 each.

Shelving 16" deep 3 shelves high are $20 a running ft.

Work Bench 24" deep with shelf
$15 a running ft.

Work Bench 24" deep without shelf. $12 a running ft

Vinyl Shutters $25 each
(free on vinyl buildings)

Anchor Package $160 (includes 4 anchors and tie downs)

Custom Ramps and Steps

We can also make custom ramps or steps for your storage buildings!
Contact us for more information and pricing


Made to order


Made to order

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